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Architectural Metalwork


Hearth Equipment and Accessories

Firedoors: Permanently mounted fixtures
to the fireplace. With or w/o side fenders.

Firescreens: Freestanding screens.

Tools Sets: Stands or wall mounts.

Andirons: Fire dogs for inside log rest.

Log Racks: For hearth or outdoor. Design
for the period or the fireplace setting.

Every screen is created individually and forged with rivets and heavy wire cloth.
Quality life-long construction.


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Offering custom metalwork, hand-forged to suit each client or the site's period of architecture in a variety of styles and finishes. Please inquire as to the current work schedule.

If you are interested in commissioning forged iron or bronze work, please contact us with any questions. Our work and/or consultation is offered nationwide.

In The Barnyard Village
Highway 1 & Carmel Valley Rd
Carmel, California 93923


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 22-2598
Carmel, California 93922

Tel: 831.624.3909 PST
Fax: 831.624.3940

Hours of Daily Operation:
9AM TO 6PM - Metal Forging
10AM TO 5PM - Office/Sales
11AM TO 4PM - Saturdays - Pacific Standard Time

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